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App Development

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We specialize in Javascript based application (app) and software development. We primarily develop apps on the Node.js cross-platform runtime environment; or “platform” for short.

Web Apps

A web application is any application software that runs on a web server, and accessed with a web browser. Which is unlike traditional computer-based software programs that are saved and opened directly on your computer.

Express JS Framework

We actually develop web apps with the Express JS framework. This helps us expedite some significant parts of the app itself, while maintaining a high quality of output.

Mobile Apps

A mobile application, also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

Traditionally, in terms of mobile app development for iOS and Android devices, these apps are built separately. The iOS mandatory code language even takes it a step further, where you have to basically rebuild the entire app for each phone size. Which ultimately, delays launch timelines.

Ionic Framework

We actually develop mobile apps with the Ionic framework. This framework allows us to develop the mobile app one time, while using one code base (instead of maintaining two or more in multiple code languages).

This process affords us the ability to export and deploy the iOS and Android mobile apps with effortless ease. Especially when compared to the traditional method, this greatly simplifies our work while expediting our workflow.

Desktop Apps

A desktop app is the traditional computer-based software program that is saved and opened directly on your computer.

Traditionally, each operating system (Windows, iOS, Linux) has their own set of rules for software development. This software is also typically developed in the C++ programming language.

Electron JS Framework

We actually develop desktop apps with the ElectronJS framework. Similarly to how Ionic works for mobile apps, Electron will allow us to develop the desktop app one time, and maintain one code base. Again, we can simply export and deploy the properly formatted desktop software for each operating system.

This process greatly simplifies our work, while expediting our workflow.