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Breaking Away from Carbon Digital

In October 2021, it was decided that the entire software side of Carbon Digital would be placed under it’s own dedicated brand, called Fort Embr.

So, what does Fort Embr do?

App/Software Development

We specialize in Javascript based applications (apps) and software development. We primarily develop apps using the Node.js cross-platform runtime environment; or “platform” for short. We do this because it affords us the ability to use the least amount of code as possible to yield the highest amount of results.

Database Management

There is a multitude of database options out there. There are two primary types of databases. The relational database (RDB) and the non-relational database (nRDB). We regularly use both types of databases, and can recommend the best solution for the job.

Data Analysis

Organizations in all industries increasingly rely on data to make critical business decisions—which new products to develop, new markets to enter, new investments to make, and new (or existing) customers to target. They also use data to identify inefficiencies and other business problems that need to be addressed.

In these organizations, the job of the data analyst is to assign a numerical value to these important business functions so performance can be assessed and compared over time. But the job involves more than just looking at numbers: An analyst also needs to know how to use data to enable an organization to make more informed decisions.


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