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What Makes a Good Problem Statement

Solving a problem requires understanding the problem before jumping to solutions. A
problem statement is a concise description of an issue to be addressed or a condition to
be improved upon.

A great problem statement:

★ Describes the difference between the actual conditions and the desired conditions.
★ Does not offer commentary on a proposed solution.
★ Does not attempt to diagnose the problem, nor assign blame.
★ Is objective and factual.
★ Is measurable, not qualitative.

Problem statements can usually be written in one or two sentences. Here’s an example
of a Problem Statement about Preventive Maintenance:

The current paper on Preventative Maintenance process is introducing time delays, human error, inaccurate data collection, and lack of ownership which is causing low morale, lack of visibility into
true equipment status for mission planning, and inaccurate predictive maintenance for our industry.


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